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Friday, August 26, 2011

Are you still busy? Is your house still full?

It's amazing how often we get this question, as B&B owners. While it's a very fluid and malleable process, to have lots of people moving and out of our house, it has also become quite natural. Our personal discussions and celebratory moments revolve around feats in airport pickups, remodeling, baking, and the awesome guests we get to host.

In the beginning we were a bit nervous and even a bit skeptical. Would people really want to stay at OUR house? Would they be okay with the 1942-built, farmhouse-ish style house (it's a new architectural style I made up), complete with quirky windows, doors, non-standard thresholds, weird built-in bookcases, and HVAC system? Will people hate the airplanes, wish they booked closer to downtown, or be confused by our check-in process?

A year later we've gotten our answer. They don't mind! In fact, they love it! It's a regular house. Just like a person, it comes with awesome things and a few not so awesome things. But, as a whole, it's a great house. It is flexible and interesting, and has character. More than enough character to go around.

So when people ask us if we're still busy, I say, "of course!" Because it's not a fluke that we had a good summer, or that people are drawn to the house (in a mystical way, it seems...). It's like we have this awesome friend who loves sleepovers, is both a morning person and a night owl, forgives, celebrates, loves unconditionally, and makes a kick-ass breakfast. Who wouldn't want THAT person as a life-long friend?

If you're wondering where to stay, where beds and pillows are just a small part of the experience, look us up here. Tell your friends. It's better than a place to stay, it's an adventure that could change your life.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A fresh coat of paint

It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. What once felt like a bathroom we couldn't escape, is now a relaxing and warm-feeling place to get ready for the day. New paint, new door pulls, and a color scheme we can live with, we're proud to to share it with you.
Pictures coming soon!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Slowly, but surely

Synergy B&B's beginnings (say THAT 10x fast!) were slow, to be sure. One room at a time, one breakfast option at a time, one set of sheets at a time. In the past year, it has grown exponentially, but that's only when we look at the year all at once. The steps were incremental. We added another room when a guest wanted to bring a third person. We added a room after that when there was no working bathroom upstairs (where our other two rooms were), and we added still another room for a brief moment when two guests booked in the same hour! We have since gone back to only 3 rooms (the legal limit!), but we've been making slow and steady progress with other upgrades.
This week we are updating the bathroom, after 4 years of various states of chaos and decorative disarray. Today we will repaint with a standard color palette, we'll match the drawer pulls to standard decorative themes throughout our house, and it will be ready for rental again in a matter of days!
As for the larger overhaul, that will come in time. As we grow, our house makes it possible to upgrade. It's a beautiful thing to witness.

Slow and steady not only wins the race, but allows for enjoyment along the way. Our house is growing and changing and we are growing alongside it. It's an awesome experience.

We're looking into ways to create experiences for guests like garden tour weekends, veggie foodie weekends, and other fun themes that create unique experiences. All ideas are welcome!