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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Easiest Hard Work

When we first started Synergy B&B, we got the usual warnings about self-employment taking a lot of time and being a lot of hard work. That could've derailed this amazing adventure if I listened to my little whiner inside...but luckily I didn't. This summer has already been just as amazing as last summer, but so different!

We have 2-3 rooms going (last year we had 3-4 sometimes, including the suite) and even though we are getting less families (smaller rooms) we are STILL meeting and greeting some of the best guests!

Being about 8 months pregnant now I am often tired after a full day at work (my day job, not the B&B), but something magical happens when I know there's a guest at home or arriving later in the evening, I have this surge of energy! Somehow beds can get made, coffee cake baked, and Seattle/Washington questions answered with fervor. So it must be that this work, this "hard" work, is well-suited to me (and Josh too, to be fair, since he seems to have the same surges I do). We just LOVE to host folks, we love to share about our city, find out places for them to check out, and generally welcome folks into our home.

We still get the question, "How can you have so many strangers in your house?" and I reply that they aren't strangers for more than 5 minutes (sometimes less) and then it's almost like we're old friends in a heartbeat. We seem to attract fascinating, friendly, lovely, gracious folks and we love them all dearly. From businessmen to retirees to folks relocating to Seattle. Dog owners, families, airport transports, coffee experts, and foodies are all among our esteemed guests. We've had several international folks from England, Mexico, India, and Germany so far this year and many more NW locals just passing through.

The Big Question?

What will we do when the Baby comes? Well, that's a great question. We'll take 3 months "off" to get into a rhythm with our new family member, and then depending on how that goes, we'll ease back into the B&B (it usually slows down in the winter anyway). We're working on a remodel that includes soundproofing and creating a more private space for us (to reduce noise, disruption, baby mess, etc) so that we can still operate  the B&B as usual. And then come summer 2013, we'll be back in business, baby in tow, excited to meet a whole new group of lovely guests.

We're also entering the year of the garden and have been contemplating some work trade situation so that we can create the ultimate garden experience, which has been our vision since before we even had the B&B. If you have ideas, interest, etc., feel free to communicate with us...:)

So yes, it's a lot of hard work. But it's so much fun!

Looking forward to hosting you soon....