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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Like old friends

Even when guests only stay one night, when we meet them sometimes it feels like we've been old friends for a's a special moment. I (Becca) hate going to work in the morning when I have those awesome connections! It's why we've turned our house into a bed and breakfast! Thanks to all who have opened their hearts and souls to us...we are eternally grateful.

On other notes, I'm letting my inner (well, it's sort of more an outer) artist out and you'll start to see more cool refinished furniture that is infused with the same love, spirit, and energy that you'll find in our B&B. I'm excited!

Also, our open house will be in October, so get ready for apple cider, folk music, story-telling, laughter, and a house-sized hug that will never let you go!