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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Playing bigger

In another blog, I talk about playing small not serving me. It's an interesting thing to reflect on because not a lot of people can probably (hopefully?) notice that I play small a lot.

And in the B&B, people don't stay long enough to find that out. But that's a cop-out! Just because a guest only sees a snippet of my life, doesn't mean that I shouldn't be the "big" that I know, or dream, I can be.

Playing bigger speaks to me about how I run the business, how I attract others to the business, how I use my values to build the business, how I market the business and ultimately, how people view the business in their lives.

I know that when I encounter a person, cause, or a business that is out of the ordinary, it impacts me. I know that when great care is taken to improve my experience of life, I feel grateful. I want to pass that info on to the next person. I've read a lot of business books, articles, and websites and there are a lot of people doing this and it warms my heart. That's important to me! That people care, that they want to improve my life, and that they think that's a priority in their business. Me too!

Synergy is always undergoing changes, mostly physical, but in the coming months, we'll be undergoing more non-physical changes. We'll be taking a closer look at why people book with us, what impacts their experience, and how that impact has rippled out in the world. I want more of that in my business and I look forward to that discovery.

If you were a guest of ours feel free to comment if staying with us has changed your life in any way, big or small.

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